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Authors by occupation

Famous Abolitionists (12)Famous Librettists (5)
Famous Accountants (2)Famous Linguists (7)
Famous Activists (63)Famous Literary critics (3)
Famous Actors (368)Famous Lobbyists (1)
Famous Actresses (359)Famous Logicians (6)
Famous Administrators (9)Famous Lyricists (13)
Famous Admirals (7)Famous Magicians (2)
Famous Adventurers (6)Famous Magistrates (1)
Famous Advice columnists (1)Famous Managers (15)
Famous Ambassadors (12)Famous mandolinists (1)
Famous Ambassadors to the UN (1)Famous Manufacturers (6)
Famous Analysts (6)Famous Marines (1)
Famous Anchorwomen (1)Famous Marriage Therapists (1)
Famous Anime characters (4)Famous Martial Arts masters (3)
Famous Announcers (2)Famous Matadors (1)
Famous Anthologists (1)Famous Mathematicians (36)
Famous Anthropologists (2)Famous Maxillofacial Surgeons (1)
Famous Antiquarians (1)Famous Mayors (13)
Famous Archbishops (9)Famous Media Personalities (1)
Famous Archeologists (1)Famous Medics (1)
Famous Architects (22)Famous Men of letter (8)
Famous Army Officers (7)Famous Merchants (5)
Famous Art Directors (1)Famous Meteorologists (1)
Famous Artists (71)Famous Methodist ministers (1)
Famous Astrologers (1)Famous Microbiologists (2)
Famous Astronauts (7)Famous Militaries (2)
Famous Astronomers (14)Famous Military leaders (1)
Famous Astrophysicists (1)Famous Mime Artists (1)
Famous Athletes (11)Famous Ministers (26)
Famous Attorneys (4)Famous Missionaries (13)
Famous Authorities (1)Famous Models (65)
Famous Authors (431)Famous Monks (9)
Famous Automobile Racers (2)Famous Monologuists (1)
Famous Aviators (6)Famous Motion-picture directors (2)
Famous Bacteriologists (2)Famous motivational speakers (21)
Famous Band Members (1)Famous Mountain Climbing Instructors (1)
Famous Bankers (6)Famous Mountaineers (3)
Famous Baptist Ministers (2)Famous Movie characters (1)
Famous Baseball Players (31)Famous Movies (2)
Famous basketball coaches (3)Famous Murderers (1)
Famous Basketball Players (18)Famous Music bands (10)
Famous bassists (3)Famous Music groups (7)
Famous Bassits (2)Famous Musicians (101)
Famous Biochemists (5)Famous Mystics (12)
Famous Biographers (18)Famous Mythologists (1)
Famous Biologists (16)Famous Naturalists (11)
Famous biometricians (1)Famous Naval Heroes (2)
Famous Bishops (19)Famous Naval Officers (4)
Famous Blacksmiths (1)Famous Navigators (3)
Famous Bloggers (1)Famous Neurologists (1)
Famous Botanists (4)Famous Noblemen (1)
Famous Boxers (16)Famous Nobles (1)
Famous Buddhist Leaders (2)Famous nomads (1)
Famous Builders (2)Famous Novelists (289)
Famous Business consultants (1)Famous Nuns (4)
Famous Business Executives (10)Famous Nurses (7)
Famous Business Forecasters (1)Famous Nutritionists (2)
Famous Business managers (1)Famous Orators (21)
Famous Businessmen (37)Famous Organizers (1)
Famous businesswomen (2)Famous Ornithologists (1)
Famous Calligraphers (2)Famous Painters (82)
Famous Captains (3)Famous Pastors (16)
Famous Cardinals (3)Famous Pathologists (1)
Famous Cardiologists (1)Famous Patriots (1)
Famous Cartoon characters (4)Famous Pediatricians (1)
Famous Cartoonists (19)Famous Performers (1)
Famous Cellists (1)Famous Pharmacists (1)
Famous Chancellors (9)Famous Philanthropists (21)
Famous Chaplains (1)Famous Philologists (3)
Famous Chefs (2)Famous Philosophers (185)
Famous Chemists (16)Famous Philosophies (2)
Famous Chess grandmasters (4)Famous Photographers (29)
Famous Chieftans (1)Famous Phychologists (1)
Famous Children's authors (4)Famous Physicians (37)
Famous Choreographers (5)Famous Physicists (43)
Famous Civil-Rights Leaders (3)Famous Physiologists (5)
Famous Clergymen (51)Famous Pianists (24)
Famous Clowns (1)Famous Pilots (12)
Famous Coaches (24)Famous pitchers (2)
Famous College Presidents (1)Famous Playwrights (137)
Famous Columnists (26)Famous Poets (481)
Famous Comedians (107)Famous Police officers (1)
Famous Comics (12)Famous Political activists (5)
Famous Comics writers (1)Famous Political analysts (1)
Famous Communist leaders (1)Famous Political Dictators (1)
Famous Composers (91)Famous Political Protesters (1)
Famous Computer engineers (4)Famous Political scientists (5)
Famous Computer programmers (3)Famous Politicians (156)
Famous Computer scientists (1)Famous Pop stars (1)
Famous Conductors (15)Famous Popes (11)
Famous Congressmen (6)Famous Postmasters (1)
Famous Conservationists (1)Famous Preachers (3)
Famous Consorts (1)Famous Presenters (1)
Famous Consuls (1)Famous Presidents (81)
Famous Consultants (12)Famous Priestesses (1)
Famous Cooks (2)Famous Priests (18)
Famous Correspondents (6)Famous primatologists (1)
Famous cosmeticians (2)Famous Prime Ministers (29)
Famous Councilwomen (1)Famous Princesses (3)
Famous counselors (2)Famous Printers (4)
Famous Country singers (2)Famous Producers (101)
Famous Courtesans (1)Famous Professional Wrestlers (1)
Famous Cowboys (1)Famous Professors (26)
Famous Creators (1)Famous Programmers (2)
Famous Cricket Players (2)Famous Proof readers (1)
Famous Criminologists (2)Famous psychiatrists (8)
Famous Critics (135)Famous psychic intelligent experts (1)
Famous Cyclists (1)Famous Psychics (1)
Famous Dance instructors (1)Famous Psychoanalysts (7)
Famous Dancers (26)Famous Psychologists (36)
Famous Deans (2)Famous Publishers (28)
Famous Designers (20)Famous Queens (13)
Famous Detectives (4)Famous Rabbis (8)
Famous Diplomats (41)Famous Race drivers (5)
Famous Disc jockeys (2)Famous Radio commentators (1)
Famous Divers (1)Famous Radio hosts (1)
Famous Doctors (2)Famous Rangers (2)
Famous Documentarians (1)Famous Rappers (12)
Famous Dramatists (70)Famous Recording Artists (1)
Famous Drummers (5)Famous Reformed Church Ministers (1)
Famous ecologists (2)Famous Relationship Coaches (1)
Famous Economists (32)Famous Religious leaders (6)
Famous Editors (99)Famous remote viewing instructors (1)
Famous Educators (93)Famous Reporters (9)
Famous Electrical engineers (2)Famous Researchers (5)
Famous Electricians (1)Famous Reserve Officer Training Corps Instructors (1)
Famous Emotional management experts (1)Famous Reverends (3)
Famous Emperors (13)Famous revolutionaries (4)
Famous Engineers (14)Famous Rock musicians (5)
Famous Engravers (4)Famous Rock singers (5)
Famous Entertainers (16)Famous Rock stars (1)
Famous Entrepreneurs (30)Famous Runners (17)
Famous Environmentalists (2)Famous Sages (1)
Famous Essayists (68)Famous Samurais (3)
Famous Ethics Consultants (1)Famous Satirists (16)
Famous Ethnologists (1)Famous Saxophonists (4)
Famous Ethologists (2)Famous Scholars (42)
Famous Evangelists (8)Famous Scientists (34)
Famous Executive advisors (1)Famous Scout Leaders (1)
Famous Executives (23)Famous Screenwriters (25)
Famous Exhibits (1)Famous Sculptors (21)
Famous Explorers (15)Famous Secretaries (17)
Famous Fabulists (1)Famous Secretary generals (1)
Famous Family therapists (1)Famous Senators (40)
Famous Farmers (2)Famous Serial Killers (2)
Famous Fashion designers (13)Famous Sexologists (1)
Famous Fictional characters (10)Famous Singers (285)
Famous Film critics (1)Famous Ski Jumpers (1)
Famous Film Directors (56)Famous Slam poets (1)
Famous Filmakers (4)Famous Slaves (1)
Famous Financial analysts (1)Famous Soccer Players (9)
Famous Firefighters (1)Famous Social Reformers (16)
Famous First Ladies (11)Famous Social workers (3)
Famous Fitness trainers (1)Famous Socialites (2)
Famous Folk singers (3)Famous Sociologists (16)
Famous Football coaches (11)Famous Software engineers (2)
Famous Football Players (18)Famous Soldiers (30)
Famous Foresters (1)Famous Song Writers (54)
Famous Founders (69)Famous Songwriters (48)
Famous Gardeners (1)Famous Sopranos (4)
Famous Generals (28)Famous Sorceresses (1)
Famous geneticists (1)Famous Speakers (17)
Famous Geographers (1)Famous Spies (3)
Famous Geologists (4)Famous Spiritual leaders (10)
Famous Goldsmiths (1)Famous Spiritual mentors (11)
Famous Golfers (31)Famous Spokeswomen (1)
Famous Government agents (1)Famous Stastisticians (1)
Famous Governors (19)Famous Statesmen (84)
Famous Grammarians (3)Famous Stock Traders (1)
Famous Graphic Designers (2)Famous strategists (1)
Famous Guitarists (39)Famous Students (2)
Famous Gunsmiths (1)Famous Superintendents (1)
Famous Gurus (2)Famous Supreme Court Justices (1)
Famous gymnasts (3)Famous Surgeons (5)
Famous Heiresses (2)Famous Surveyors (1)
Famous Herbalists (1)Famous Swimmers (3)
Famous Histologists (1)Famous System analysts (1)
Famous Historians (91)Famous Tarot readers (1)
Famous Hockey players (3)Famous Teachers (62)
Famous Homemakers (1)Famous Television hosts (3)
Famous horticulturists (1)Famous Tennis Players (19)
Famous Hostesses (2)Famous Tenors (2)
Famous Hosts (20)Famous Theatre directors (1)
Famous Hoteliers (1)Famous Theologians (63)
Famous Human Rights Activists (2)Famous Thinkers (7)
Famous Humanists (9)Famous traders (1)
Famous Humanitarians (5)Famous Trainers (2)
Famous Humorists (31)Famous Translators (18)
Famous Hymnwriters (2)Famous Tutors (1)
Famous Hypnotists (3)Famous TV characters (8)
Famous Illusionists (1)Famous TV presenters (1)
Famous Illustrators (11)Famous TV series (3)
Famous Industrialists (17)Famous University Presidents (3)
Famous Intelligence officers (1)Famous US Army Colonels (1)
Famous Interpreters (4)Famous US Army officers (2)
Famous Inventors (26)Famous US Navy officers (2)
Famous Isalmic leaders (1)Famous Veejays (1)
Famous Jewish Leaders (2)Famous Veterinarians (1)
Famous Jockeys (2)Famous Vice Presidents (11)
Famous Journalists (179)Famous Vietnamese Foreign Ministers (1)
Famous Judges (17)Famous Violinists (8)
Famous Jurists (26)Famous Visual Artists (1)
Famous Kings (11)Famous Vocalists (4)
Famous Labor Organizers (4)Famous War Veterans (4)
Famous Lawyers (77)Famous Wits (5)
Famous Leading Literary Figures (1)Famous Writers (818)
Famous Lecturers (16)Famous Yoga instructors (2)
Famous Lesbian Rights Activists (1)Famous Zionist Leaders (1)
Famous Librarians (3)Famous Zoologists (7)

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